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- on the spot

  • A client/server system integrated to the existing information management system with the weighing and labelling stations of the company.
    The intervention of Syntweb takes place in two phases:
    - Development of a central Server application which manages the databases and the verification functions;
    - Development of a Client application at time of disposal.
    In this way the customer is able to prove the correct disposal of the managed waste guaranteeing also its correct traceability, fitted also with various functions for the management of cost and labelling management centres.
Development of a system for the management and traceability of the waste, from its production to its disposal, integrated to the existing company information management software.



  • Manutencoop Facility Management


  • Bologna, Italy


  • The Manutencoop Facility Management Group,
    which refers to Manutencoop Facility Management S.p.A.,
    and is active in the management and supplying
    of integrated services catered to estates,
    the grounds, and to the support of sanitary activities,
    in other words the "Integrated Facility Management".
    The MFM Group is able to supply all over Italy a wide and coordinated
    range of integrated services targeted to the rationalisation and improvement
    of the quality of the non strategic and auxiliary activities of the large private groups,
    public institutions, and sanitary structures.
Customer requirements
  • The customer wants to develop a system for managing and tracing the waste with the possibility of managing a warehouse of labels and also guarantee the traceability of the lots. The system must furthermore permit a direct confrontation between the declared data when producing the waste and what is actually observed at the time of its disposal, in order to guarantee that the completed disposal of the waste has taken place.

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